Anhkis Craft

Seller and Reseller of Refurbished and Custom Tables, Furniture, and other Unique items and Decor.

Want something Special?

Check out these items below to get an idea of some of the custom or original pieces we've made in the past.

We are always happy to work with you to see if we can come up with something that suits your needs.

Please keep in mind, wood tends to have a life and character of its own, plank by plank, and many of our original pieces are made using found, reclaimed, or 'scrap' materials, so no two pieces can ever be identical.

Pricing for custom builds will be negotiated on a per project basis, and agreed to by all parties before any work begins, so you can be confident that there will be no surprises.

Monitor Risers

Generally made from 'scrap' materials from larger projects, these stands can be customized to any height you need, and help us keep waste out of landfills by using up our smaller cutoffs that might be too small to serve any other purpose.

Larger versions can be made to add a second tier or shelf to your workspace.

Custom Pet Gate from Pallet Wood

This gate can be custom fit to your doorway or opening. Constructed from deconstructed palletwood and stained to your preference, these gates are always sanded smooth to prevent splinters, and finished with a hearty coating of shellac, a non-toxic finish.

Farmhouse Tables from Reclaimed Barnwood

Custom made Farmhouse Tables from Reclaimed Barnwood Loft-Joist Timber

Can be finished for indoor or outdoor use

Though we have used up these reclaimed timbers, this table can be replicated with new distressed lumber.